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What is Mastic?



Mastic is a 100% natural and organic fragrant resin produced by the Mastic Tree in the shape of a teardrop and referred to as Mastic Tears. The small evergreen Mastic Trees only grow in the southern part of Greek Island of Chios in the Mediterranean Sea. This aromatic resin has been associated with historic events, custom, and culture. Hippocrates used Μastic for the prevention of digestive problems, colds, and mouth hygiene. During the ancient Roman times, Mastic Tears were used as the teeth whitener and mouth freshener. In recent modern times, Mastic has been acknowledged as a Product of Protected Designation of Origin at a global level. The unique cultivation of Mastic has been included to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

A Storytelling about Mastic

There has been an ancient legend about the Mastic Tears which states that centuries ago when an injured man lied down under the Mastic Tree, the tree shed tears for the suffering of that man and as a respect for his worthy life. The myth became a legend during the 3rd century A.D. among the people of the majestic island of Chios also known as the land of the Mastic. Throughout the history Byzantines, Genovesi, Greeks, Ottomans, and Romans have collected Mastic Tears and used them in pharmaceutics and gastronomy. And this is how nature’s tribute to a single man became a universal gift for the entire mankind.
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Modern Day Mastic

Modern Day Mastic The myth about the Mastic Tears turned into a tradition and the tradition modernized into a lifestyle. Mastic resin transformed into a miraculous food and medicine ingredient. Mastic also recognized by the name of Mastiha has become another word for health and long life. Because of its popularity, Mastic became the emblem of Chios Island. Mastic resin has countless applications ranging from medicinal use to functional use. More than 60 different utilizations of Mastic resin include its therapeutic use for digestion, high blood pressure, heartburn and duodenal ulcers and it can trigger aphrodisiac effects.
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