An Ancient Sap Finds New Way To Market- The Story - Gifted

An Ancient Sap Finds New Way To Market- The Story


An Ancient Sap Finds New Way To Market- The Story

The begging

Having in mind that everything is coming into a circle as a society, starting cultivating the land, making our food, and we were relying only on natural remedies to cure oursleves, we transitioned to fast food, processed meals and excessive consumption of sugar. Now, it’s the time that we tend to turn around those bad dietery habits and go back to natural organic eating and drinking.
Coming from Greece, a county which provides one of the best tasteful eating and supplies a plethora of  food ingredients to the whole world, it’s extraordinary that yet lacks in food innovation and food education.

Immigrating to America I was hoping that food innovation and supply chain will be more advanced and sophisticated.
That came to disappointment when I start working in the beverage industry. I realized that megabrands are more focused on marketing and marketing stories rather than creating something authentic. Something unique.
I was able to detect that there’s a gap in the market between what really works in beverage innovation and what consumer needs. So saturated, but still something is missing.

The wow moment
The revelation came to me while I was walking down the aisle of Whole Foods with a heartburn, trying to find an on the go nourishment. Nothing was promising on the selves.
While I was going home, I had this ingredient in my mind that could help me — the sap Mastic.

The ingredient was very well known to me. I was “food educated” while I grew in a family operating food logistics in the north part of Greece. I still remember when I was 11 years old when we received an invitation to attend the mastic harvesting on the island of Chios.
I always remember the 70 years old grandma collecting and cleaning the tears of Mastic by hand. The determination, the passion. I had those images deep in my head.

What’s Mastic 

Mastic is an ancient sap comes from the Mastic tree that grows only in the Mediterranean island of Chios in Greece. The cultivation started 2500 years ago with Hippocrates was the first using the sap for digestive problems, colds and breath freshener with reports from the Roman empire to Byzantine and Ottoman empire that it was the most valuable trade product.
Nowadays, there is evidence that Mastic can help in stomach ulcers, heartburns, blood pressure, it’s a source of antioxidants, has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
The cultivation still keeps the old traditional method passed from father to son untouched through the ages.

Making it work
My thought was, what if we create something as unique and straightforward as it was ages ago with the same determination, passion but truly functional adapted to our daily busy lives?
After research, I contacted the only sellers of Mastic The growers association in Greece. I found out that there’s was not a product like that in the market and they were interested in supporting me to create a product as I had in mind.
Drink Gifted was born. A company to deliver an on the go clean label beverage to support immunity and digestion to busy lifestyles with only three ingredients.


New ideas there was always followed by difficulties. Traveling from east to coast to find product developers that they were denied manufacture our recipes, to emptying our small bank account and finally finding good people that saw our vision and jump with us to this crazy but yet meaningful journey to uncertainty.

It’s another journey for Mastic and a mission for us to give the best healthy drink you ever had.