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About us

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Our Mission

The mission of Drink Gifted is to offer healthy and functional beverages that are low in sugar and calories and include the most unique ingredient, the tears of the Mastic. Our recipes are carefully designed to support your immunity and wellbeing without compromising on the taste for a better you.

Our Values

At Drink Gifted, our values are the same as the values of the people whom we represent as a brand. Our values include uniqueness, purity, honesty, integrity, growth, sustainability, productivity, respect, and leadership.
Lefteris Giaprakis

The Founder of
Drink Gifted

“As a father and a husband, I have established Drink Gifted to support our loved ones in making the right choices. I always believed that safe and carefully cultivated natural ingredients along with ancient remedies hold the wisdom to keep us healthy and balanced throughout our lives. My background helped to create a natural and healthy drink that can be enjoyed by everyone.”

Are you Interested In Our Journey?

At Drink Gifted, we are looking for the companions in our journey. The journey of Drink Gifted is embarked by a historic legend ad follows the historical trail that goes back to more than 2000 years and is destined towards the perfection of taste. We have a clear spirit of purpose to create and distribute healthy beverages made from 100% natural ingredients.

The key ingredient of our beverages is the majestic Mastic Tears blended with the pure elements of flavor. The end result is a perfectly flavored beverage that can be enjoyed by everyone, whether straight or in the mix, as they like it.