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All Natural Unique Elixir

We offer the authentic taste of nature by altering the tears of the Mastic tree into a flavorful functional and healthy drink, bringing in immunity and freshness to your life. Mastic is the purest form of perfect natural ingredient that inspired us to create a new age of beverages. Drink Gifted promotes nature’s gift for everyone’s well-being and long life.

The Natural Elixir for Health and Well-Being
The Mastic Thyme Tea by Drink Gifted offers a great blend of matchless taste and sweet aroma of Mastic Tears with 100% organic thyme, creating a perfect-flavored tea. Its extremely rare fragrance and a bittersweet taste bundled with the freshness of thyme blended in the pleasant notes of Tea make it unforgettable for everyone who tastes this Super Tea. It offers a simple yet majestic naturally perfect melody of taste.
The natural taste of long life
The Mastic Lemon Spearmint by Drink Gifted offers the perfect balance of bitter-sweet taste of Mastic, tartness of lemon and freshness of spearmint. It offers the antioxidant power of organic lemons and nutritional benefits of Mastic to help you embark your journey to perfect health. True to the tradition of Mediterranean, the dominating aroma of Mastic is combined with the sharp aromas of lemon blended with the refreshing aroma of mint leaves.

There is an ancient legend; when a wounded man lay down under a tree, the tree started to shred tears for the man’s suffering, as a last gift for his virtuous life. It‘d been already the 3rd century A.D., when this myth became a legend amongst the people of the island of Chios, a majestic island of the western Aegean Sea, land of the mastic trees. Romans, Byzantines, Genovesi, Ottomans and Greeks have collected throughout History those tears, applied them in gastronomy and pharmaceutics, and thus the gift to a single man became an ecumenical gift to the mankind.

The myth became a tradition, the tradition transfigured in a modus vivendi, and the tears of the trees transformed into a miracle ingredient in food, medicine and cosmetics, under the name, Mastic, or Masticha, as a synonym of well-being and longevity. The famous Mastic became the emblem of island of Chios and a romantic ideal to the people who bind their lives to its essence.


This is the most important element in our story. Inspired by the importance of this natural gift, we create the basis of two outstanding recipes of non-alcoholic and healthy drinks, not just as an alternative to alcohol, but as a dedication to a higher purpose: We create two ways to reach the perfection of Taste, through the gifted palette of Mastic and enjoy the natural benefits of this majestic gift of nature.

We are looking for companions in our journey. A journey born out of a historic legend, following a historical path of more than 2000 years, and heading to the perfection of taste. The spirit of our purpose is clear: Creating and distributing a non-alcoholic drink, composed by natural ingredients. The foundation is the majestic ingredient of Mastic, blended with the most natural and precious elements of pure taste. The final result is a distilled non-alcoholic spirit, a beverage that can be enjoyed by everyone – straight or in the mix.